Setting Goals

Some people in life seem to have it all worked out. They know where their career is headed (or they’re already in their dream job). They always have loads of fun things going on and they are the life and soul of the party and conversation. They have a wide network of friends and acquaintances and tend to have a busy social calendar too.

I’m starting to see a pattern with these kinds of people, and generally speaking they are the goal setters and the go getters. The reason they have so much going on is because they are working towards something, and these people that they hang around with are all people who will essentially assist them in getting there or are people who share the same goals and interests.

Does anyone else want to be in this position as much as I do? Well I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to go about setting my own goals and here goes.

Firstly I guess you need to decide what you’re not happy with in your life. What needs changing? Perhaps it is a number of things – physical, career, relationships. Evaluate with yourself the importance of these things changing and what you can achieve once these goals have been met.

I think the most important aspect to setting a goal is to have a deadline. If you say you want to lose 5kg but don’t give yourself a deadline then essentially you’re going to just put it off for as long as possible because it’s not comfortable. Sure you might go to the gym because you feel that you’re working towards the goal… but the effort won’t be the same as if you had a date to get that shit done by.

Break the goal down into chunks. Make your life easy. Choosing to have a change in career direction for example might seem like a huge and daunting goal and the sheer size of it might put us off ever doing anything about it. But break this change into chunks and it will seem simpler. Every week choose to focus on something in particular; researching the new role one week, signing up to recruitment agencies the next week, getting some experience in the field the following week, networking with people in that industry the week after that. This will create lots of mini deadlines that are easier to manage.

Set aside time for you to actually work on bringing your goals to life. Wake up an hour early every day to fit this in. Whether this is to go for a run, to do that research, or to make a healthier lunch – MAKE the time.

I suppose it is also important to create goals that are GENUINELY what you want to achieve, as opposed to what other people expect you to be doing. You have to really want it, or it’ll just never happen.

Goal setting.JPG

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