Rest up, look sharp

Whilst all the runners have been out there today, doing their thing, smashing their goals and kissing medals I’ve been… kicking back.

Yeah, totally motivating and goal-orientated Jess.

But seriously, apart from lifting some (very light) dumbbells in my bedroom and lifting my fingers to type a few blogs, I’ve been completely and utterly easy on myself today. I was going to run, but my legs told me not to, and for the first time in a long time, I listened.

In this world where we’re constantly being told to “hustle hustle hustle” it can be really hard to actively do the opposite. At about midday I was already starting to feel the guilt creep in. I slouched down to the bathroom ready to get myself ready to go and do something productive, took one look at my rested face with less noticeable eye bags and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

I now actually feel really excited to tackle Monday morning, which is such a refreshing and wonderful feeling. To actually feel RESTED and ready.

So my advice to everyone (especially those who have run the marathon today) just take it easy this week. You have earned it. You can start hustling again when your energy levels are restored.

Today’s reading…

Rest up, look sharp

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