Happy Half-Year

It’s the first of June – halfway through the year already. I was sat at work yesterday feeling very little motivation to go to the gym. Gym motivation isn’t something that I normally struggle with so inevitably I started to question myself why.

The answer? I’ve got no reason to go. I’ve done what I set out to do for the 2016. I’ve got my sub 2hr Half, and I ran Brighton Marathon. What’s the point of going, if I’ve already achieved what I want to?

Well, truth is, I HATE not having something to work towards, which is why today I’ve set some new goals. It’s a fresh start midway through the year, and I feel that setting some targets to be reached by 01/06/17 is going to be one of the only ways to get my arse working just as hard as it was in this first half of this year.

So, back to the drawing board and taking note of my own advice in one of my previous posts about goal setting.


  • Get on the property ladder
  • Establish a better skincare routine, and actually adhere to it


  • Be non-dependent on diet coke. OK, you may laugh at this one, but it is actually a serious issue. I use it as a branded comfort blanket and you won’t find me ANYWHERE without one.


Fitness (this is a long one, apologies)

  • 14% body fat (currently at 20%)
  • Weigh less than 55kg (currently at 61.5kg)
  •  Squat twice my body weight
  • Get a marathon PB at Barcelona
  • Get a 1hr50 Half Marathon time


  • Launch “The London PA”
  • Continue being an awesome office manager

I have 1 year to achieve these goals. And just seeing them written in black and white makes me so excited for the year ahead. My motivation is creeping back in, I can’t wait to get back in the gym, I’m determined to start saving more money for legal fees for buying a flat, and who knows – maybe I’ll lace up my trainers again too 😉

I was wary of posting these to the blog, but I figured I would always be completely transparent with what I am trying to achieve, and perhaps, maybe if I even inspire just ONE person to do the same and create some goals – then I’ll be the happiest girl in London.

Happy Half-Year.

Happy Half-Way.JPG

6 thoughts on “Happy Half-Year

  1. PurelyAmy says:

    I can see your a runner, trainer and athlete but is there a reason you want to get down to 10% body fat? For a woman it’s really very low, It’s natural to be at 20 and athletes are often in the mid teens. Are you doing a competition or something that warrants dropping so low?
    I don’t mean to sound rude (If I do).


    • Dream. Work. Win. says:

      Hi Amy, thanks for the comment – you’ve highlighted a HUGE error and I can’t believe I missed it before posting! I had meant to write 14%.. Not 10, goodness knows where 10 came from! I agree 10% would be incredibly low for a woman. I’m not going to be entering a competition however I truly respect fitness and bikini models, their physique and dedication, and I would like to achieve a similar physique without taking it to the stage. 🙂


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