The 10k playlist

Everyone has those songs, right? The ones which psyche you up for one reason or another.

I’ll be off on my first 10k of the marathon training plan tomorrow, and, providing each song is about 4 minutes long on average, that means I need about 15 songs (hopefully won’t get through them all!).

Here’s the playlist (no judging!)…

  1. Smoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kucka)  – Flume
  2. Gangsta – Kat Dahlia
  3. Not Into It – Shift K3Y
  4. Dakota – Stereophonics
  5. The Hills (ft. Eminem) – The Weeknd
  6. What I Might Do  – Ben Pearce
  7. Down On My Luck – Vic Mensas
  8. Alive (ft. Jackob Banks) – Chase & Status
  9. Snake Eyes – Mumford and Sons
  10. Heartbeat – Childish Gambino
  11. No Problem (ft. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz) – Chance the Rapper
  12. Work It – Missy Elliott
  13. Catch & Release (Deepend Remix) – Matt Simons
  14. Spoken Word (ft. George the Poet) – Chase & Status
  15. I Know There’s Gonna be (Good Times) – Jamie xx

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