What to Avoid When You’re Chasing Success

There are so many articles and blogs and forums discussing what you should be doing to become successful.

I have had a somewhat stressful and busy couple of weeks and it is only now that I have stopped and thought about the things that hold you back from growing.

Here is a short and sweet list of what to avoid doing when you’re trying to better yourself. I am sure there are plenty other things that successful people avoid, but here this is what I have discovered doesn’t work…

  1. Trying to please everyone.

It is impossible. Your friends, family, co workers, bosses, gym buddies and flat mates all want different things from you. You cannot please everyone and trying to will only drain you of energy and give you conflict. Once you find the right people to please, your tasks and your time will become more focused and purposeful.

  1. Dwelling on mistakes.

It is really important to acknowledge when things go wrong so that we can learn from them. “Fail often, fail fast” is a quote brandished about quite a lot and it holds a lot of sense. We are humans and we are bound to fail… frequently. But dwelling on past failures beyond learning from them is time-wasting and detrimental to moving forwards.

  1. Get comfortable.

It is great when you find a routine that works for you but don’t forget to stay on your toes and keep changing and evolving. The second we get comfortable is the moment we stop learning which can be dangerous and stunt growth. Keep reading, keep educating yourself, change your exercise routine – make things hard for yourself!

  1. Lose sight of your “reason”

Remind yourself frequently of why you started, and under no circumstances allow yourself to forget or lose sight of it. Keep the big picture in mind, to motivate you with the small day to day tasks which bring you closer to your goal.

  1. Do what feels good in that ‘moment’ if it conflicts with long term goals

Choosing short-term comforts over long-term goals may seem great at the time, but you are only holding yourself back. Sometimes it will feel painful and detrimental, but keeping number 4 in mind should help with this. Taking the necessary “small steps” consistently on a daily basis is one of the fundamental building blocks for growth and success.

  1. Be too hard on yourself

Despite all of the above, avoid being too harsh on yourself. Remember that everyone needs a break here and there and that this journey isn’t a quick one. We still have to enjoy our time on earth aside from chasing goals.



2 thoughts on “What to Avoid When You’re Chasing Success

  1. Martyn says:

    Love this blog, I really wanted to read this one. You have picked out some great things to avoid. I totally agree regarding trying to please everyone, I mean you just cannot do it. Without sounding horrible, these type of people annoy me! In my opinion, you will never be able to manage people if you want to please everybody all of the time! With regard to dwelling on mistakes, couldn’t agree more, one of the most detrimental things you can do. People should realise that failure breeds success and that you must fail at something in order to learn. Make peace with your past and move on! Getting comfortable, aka not growing, not learning and being complacent! Comfort zones should be a no-go area! That was a great post, very good tips!! I could probably write more but this is your blog and not mine haha. I just wish my grammar was as good as yours haha!!


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