Fruit: Devil in Disguise?

I still remember my absolute horror when an ex-colleague of mine said she was cutting fruit from her diet because she was “cutting out all sugar”. I was bemused and shocked at the length people would go to in an attempt to lose weight. I always had fruit down in the “healthy” compartment of my brain – it’s what most people do by default. We are told to eat more fruit and vegetables. Not just the veg. And yet here I now was, beginning to feel as though I should be guilty about eating my mid-morning banana. Crazy.

I have since become a little bit wiser and realise that was this ex-colleague was doing was both a little ridiculous and also near-on impossible to achieve long term. We need glucose and energy in small doses, and the nutrients we can get from fruit are highly beneficial for a healthy body.

When it comes down to it, everything in moderation. Yes, there is a lot of evidence that large amounts of fructose can be harmful and fattening if we consume it in large quantities – but the same can be said for any food group. It all depends on the volume and context and does not necessarily apply to fruit – more just sugar in general.

It is, however, worthy of noting the calorie content of the different fruits so that we can at least be conscious of the energy it is providing us, so that we don’t overdo it.

Here’s a list to help you out.

Small Apple – 52 calories

Blueberries (1 cup) – 81 calories

Large Orange – 86 calories

Diced Pineapple (1 cup) – 76 calories

Strawberries (1 cup) – 46 calories

Raspberries (1 cup) – 60 calories

Peach – 42 calories

Grapes (1 cup) – 114

Aaaaand, because it’s national Watermelon day, you can enjoy a whole wedge for 92 cals. But they don’t count on Wednesday’s, right?!

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