Passion or Motivation?

Unsurprisingly, me and my friends have some pretty deep chats at times… We’re girls, it happens. The frequency of these DMCs are surpassing the “surface level” chats quite a lot at the moment and it is clear to see why. We have a LOT on our plates to get out into the open.

At the age of 23, we are at a strange point in our lives where we are in a continuous state of growth and discovery. It’s strange because we have already learnt so much. We’re at the point where we have done the shitty jobs, had the shitty relationships and tried and failed at the shitty hobbies that weren’t really for us in the first place. So we already know so much about what we don’t want in life. But does that really make it any easier to decide what we do want? Nope. Not at all really.

Recently, myself and one friend in particular have been battling with the concept of “what is my passion”.

The definition of passion is a “strong and barely controllable emotion.”

That being said, is it really likely that we’re going to find ourselves in a career with which we can barely control our emotions? Hmm, I think not. Maybe I’m just sceptible. What is likely, however, is that we can find something pretty close.

Over the past few days, I think I have worked out just a very little part of finding out my passion and that is by asking myself what is the one thing that I would HATE people to think of me as. My answer to this is “lazy”. Now, when it comes to “not being lazy” I DO have a strong and barely controllable emotion. Even the thought of someone thinking I’m lazy gets me really anxious and start to fret –what can I do more of, what am I not doing enough. Laziness, to me, is the epitome of having given up on life and other people. And THAT is what motivates me.

I think there is a fine line between passion and motivation. Is it fair to say, therefore, that I have a passion for working hard to avoid being seen as lazy? Yes, probably. Is that tangible to turn into a career? No, probably not. But I can use it to my advantage in whatever career I go into.

Here is a point to consider; Passion provides Motivation.

I wouldn’t be motivated to run or go to the gym if I wasn’t passionate about it. I wouldn’t be motivated to blog so much if I weren’t passionate about understanding and discovering motivational theories and what pushes us. I would like to think it were that simple. That I could say everything I am motivated to do has sprung from passion. But maybe it is my passion of not being lazy (as opposed to a passion about running) that pushes me.

How do you even distinguish between the two? I guess it is partly honesty with yourself and partly a combination of the two. Either way, I’m going to look into this a lot lot more over the coming weeks to try and pick apart this minefield that we call “passion”…. If only so that I can provide some good input to the DMC’s I’m having.

5 thoughts on “Passion or Motivation?

  1. Sophie says:

    Yes! Passion is so important and yet really difficult to define. Constantly trying to figure out what my passion is, and what motivates me. Though for me it’s the fear of failure that keeps me working hard.

    Sophie | MapleTreeBlog


    • Dream. Work. Win. says:

      Well to me it seems you’re passionate about Asian skincare and sharing your knowledge with all of us ladies who need a helping hand! 🙂 You’re doing an amazing job at “not failing” Sophie, so definitely keep it up!


  2. Martyn says:

    Great debate this one! Passion is so hard to define. I always believed passion for something was natural. I grew up loving football and it is still something I love to this day, probably even more now. It’s something I’ve had a passion for from a young age. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s natural. Can you choose to be passionate about something? Highly unlikely, so it is difficult to define. So I don’t sit on the fence with this one, I’m going to lean more towards passion being natural! It’s a hell of a debate though, and I’m sure it gives you and your friends a great discussion! It sounds to me that you have a passion for success, that you want to leave your mark on this earth and to not be seen as average, I certainly don’t want to be average, no way! I like what Sophie said in her comment regarding fear of failure – that is something that drives me but also can be a mental block too, it’s like a constant battle in the mind between the two! You’ve got to try and use fear as fuel and not a road block in the mind! I think you’ve just been given your next blog idea haha!! Great blog this one, it has the possibility of being an endless debate, but a fascinating one!! Keep up the great work!


    • Dream. Work. Win. says:

      Thank you for another lovely comment Martyn. I think you can allow your passion for football to be classified as a “natural passion”. I’m guessing it wasn’t forced upon you? I suppose that is the crux of it all – is passion something we should even have to “choose” in the first place. Thank you for defining it for me too. I guess I have never allowed myself to see it so clearly – I have a passion for success. Sounds so corny but it is, essentially, what makes me work hard. I love that you’ve provided further topic for discussion with how to use fear as fuel. I want to start writing it up already!! 🙂 Further highlights to me that you could definitely write a blog yourself.


      • Martyn says:

        Haha no it wasn’t forced upon me. I grew up with it around me, I also believe it was a cultural thing. I grew up in that generation where we played outside and we had plenty of green to play football on. It’s not corny to say you have a passion for success, it’s a pity more people don’t have your drive and ambition!! you say it’s what makes you work, which I really like because a lot of people will talk about wanting success – but you actually go out and put in the graft which unfortunately a lot of people are not willing to do, they want the quick fix! Fear is such an interesting subject, I believe you’ll do a great job with that one and I’ll look forward to reading it one day! the thing with fear is – is it actually real? After all it’s created in the mind so surely you can change your mindset and extinguish it right? And if it does linger in the mind can you turn it in to fuel to drive you forward in life? I suppose it’s how you deal with fear (if it’s real) that will determine whether or not it defeats you or makes you!! Good luck with that one, I personally love the subject of fear! Thank you for your kind words regarding starting a blog, it’s nice to hear those words from a seasoned blogger, I appreciate it! Keep inspiring!! 😀


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