#TheoryThursday – Circle of Influence

Usually the internet is filled with cat videos, vines and stories about celebrities, but every so often you stumble across something great.  Recently I read something that’s really stayed with me, so I thought I’d share it with you for a bit of #theorythursday!

“You are an average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Jim Rohn, a business philosopher, calls this your ‘Circle of Influence’ and it really got me thinking. His theory is that these five people, their ideas and behaviours influence the way you live your life and the decisions you make. Think about it for a minute and you’ll soon realise that other people’s attitudes really do affect you.

I really had to think about who my circle of influence is, but here’s what I realised:

  • My mum/family
  • Issy/Vicky
  • Jess
  • Sarah
  • My PT

So who are these people and how have they affected my life?

I have grouped my mum and family as one, purely because they are a similar and steady influence. They have the biggest impact on me without a doubt, and still to this day, even as an independent, grown woman (in theory!) I still think about what my mum would say before making any big decisions. It’s more a case for me of WWMD instead of WWJD! I know that she/they would always have my best interests at heart, and would make sensible decisions based on experience and fact.

Next is my two best friends, grouped together because although they’re quite different, we are a three and know each other ridiculously well. They influence me as we’re all the same age, in the same stages of life and all experiencing the same things, so an experience for one becomes a learning opportunity for all of us.

Jess, AKA the better half of this blogging duo! We have been best friends for many years, and again we are navigating the lessons of our early 20s together as best we can! Whilst in some ways we’re freakishly similar, we also have enough of a different outlook on things that we can be useful contrasting opinions for each other, and she’s definitely become a big influence as I get more and more into the world of fitness.

Next is my colleague Sarah, who again is a great friend. We have very different outlooks of life and the situations in it, and her blunt, no nonsense approach has made me see things differently, and be bolder in going after what I want.

Lastly is my PT. I would say my circle of influence hasn’t really changed much in the last 5 years, so in some ways he has been the biggest influence in terms of change. His influence on me was not only as a PT, but for the simple fact that he has an incredibly positive attitude and way of looking at things. He made me really see the power of ‘PMA’ (positive mental attitude) and how if you look at things in a positive light, and see how YOU can make a positive change to you and the people around you, you will be so much happier!

So who’s in your circle? Are they a positive or negative influence? How is your way of doing things shaped by their opinions and feelings?

If someone is a negative influence and you don’t agree with their outlook, but you’re still finding your decision making affected by them, perhaps it’s time to realise that and start to think more about what YOU want.

Anyway, certainly food for thought!

Jo x



3 thoughts on “#TheoryThursday – Circle of Influence

  1. Martyn says:

    This is such an interesting post Jo. I had never looked at the people I spend most time with in that way before. Family, friends, and work colleagues are the ones mostly in my life but I would honestly say that my way of thinking is on another planet compared to them. Which would probably explain why I spend a lot of time alone also, I get on with them absolutely fine but would very much doubt whether or not I would like to share my thoughts with them! Especially regarding my beliefs and goals. finding people who are absolutely on your wave length is almost priceless and rare, but no doubt when you come across these types they leave a lasting impression on you! I do believe that surrounding yourself with people who “get you” can no doubt lift you higher and push you when you need a little kick up the ass! There is a saying that goes – ‘if you surround yourself with losers you become a loser and if you surround yourself with winners you become a winner’. Probably a lot of truth in that! I’ll leave it there as this subject is so broad and I could go on… Haha. Great post!!


    • Dream. Work. Win. says:

      thanks for your comment martyn and some interesting points… How do you feel those people influence you if their way of thinking is so different to yours? I agree they are a lift, there is also a saying ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’ which on the whole I have found to be very true! However I do think it is important to have people in your life who are very different to provide a change in perspective. Such a broad subject as you say but glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 Jo


      • Martyn says:

        Well truth be told they don’t influence me. My influences have come from reading about other people who have had success and from following their work and seeing how they approach life. This has actually has a really positive impact on my life and how I think. Also I believe you have to have a strong single minded approach at times because you might be the only one who believes in what you’re trying to achieve.


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