Electric Muscle Stimulation Training

It was only whilst scrolling through the MoveGB list of gyms that I discovered Exerceo. I wasn’t so much looking  for extreme or “different” activities, but how could I not be curious about Electric Muscle Stimulation!?

I did some reading to find out what it was all about and whilst it sounded kind of ghastly and torturous (for days on end apparently!?) I couldn’t help but give it a go.

I paid the £4 supplement (a trial session is usually £10, love this MoveGB malarkey) and got myself booked into a 7am slot at the Liverpool Street location.

It may have been the early start or it may have been just my general ditziness but I actually turned up to the Moorgate location (I didn’t even know there were 2!). But the team at Exerceo managed it really well, and still granted me a time slot just 20 minutes la

ter. Great customer service, big tick from me!

Once you’ve filled in your forms (allowing them to shock me with electric currents, what the f#%* am I doing!?), you’re given a top and leggings to change into. Definiteems-showerly felt rather ninja.

My 20 minute wait passed quite nicely as I snooped around the surprisingly empty changing rooms. CowShed toiletries, hair straighteners and nice showers.. I was suitably impressed.

The session begins with hooking yourself up to the wires which target your glutes, abs and arms specifically, but I later discovered that there were currents in the back and legs too. Looking like something right out of a techy sci fi movie (the ones I hate), my instructor carefully plugged me into what I can only imagine was a battery pack. He tested the current with me just stood there initially, and I think a choice word came out of my mouth when it was switched on – it was just different – my whole body was vibrating! A really alien feeling.

As for the exercise itself, we started with some squats, and the 25 minutes that followed were a combination of exercises which involved arm movements (rows/curls/overhead press) alongside the squat. It’s safe to say that the instructor wasn’t shy about increasing the administered glute vibrations. We worked with 7 seconds “work” and 3 seconds “rest”. This sounded bizarre and way too much of a soft approach when he was explaining at the start… but those 7 seconds feel intense.

Upon leaving I was a bit of a dazed mess, not really too sure what it was I had just done. I was advised that 25 minutes of exercise with electric shocks are the equivalent of spending 2 hours in the gym… how on earth didn’t I know this before signing up to it!

I’m not sure if I would go again, mainly because I quite like just going to the gym and “getting on with it” as opposed to changing outfits and wiring up before I can start. Having said that I would definitely recommend this to any fitness lover to give it a go – I am sat here reflecting on the whole experience, feeling muscles I’m not sure I’ve even acknowledged before! If you’re into tech, GO!

I’m not too concerned with the actual “technical” side of it myself, but if you’d like to read up on the science behind it all then check out this article https://www.t-nation.com/training/truth-about-ems – it helped me when I was deciding whether or not to go!

Jess x


4 thoughts on “Electric Muscle Stimulation Training

    • Dream. Work. Win. says:

      I only just completed my trial class yesterday and I am in a ridiculous amount of pain today – feeling the burn across my body (glutes specifically!). If I went consistently I can’t see how this wouldn’t make a huge impact on muscle tone! I would definitely recommend 🙂


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