Remember, your demons are as hungry as your dreams. Make sure you feed the right ones.

Dream. Work. Win. Our whole philosophy here is about chasing your dreams, the motivation behind them and our journey to achieving them. But do we ever think about our demons? Do we need to stop and think about whether or not we always feed the positive?  When I think about this, I think about the clichéd angel and devil on both shoulders. One telling you to do the right thing, the other to give into temptation and do something bad. Which one do you listen to more often?

As someone who is a recent convert into the world of fitness and healthy eating, this has been a daily battle for me. I was someone who could not (and didn’t try to) resist the lure of chocolate and anything sugary. So when I started personal training and had to try and cut these out, I really struggled to start with. I definitely had the devil on my shoulder saying ‘Go on Jo, one bit of chocolate won’t hurt you and who’ll know except you?’ This was a time when I had to choose whether to feed the demon or the dream. I found the best way to beat the demon was not to think about the negative – ‘I’ll be missing out on the things I find tasty, I’ll have nothing to snack on now’ but to think of the positive – ‘I’ll feel so good from eating healthy and knowing I’m doing right by my body’ and ‘It’ll be exciting finding new and healthy snacks I like’. By turning our negative thoughts around into positive ones, it’s so much easier to feed the dream and push those demons away!

My example was a simple one, and something most of us probably face very often, but dig a little deeper and you’ll probably think of some darker and more personal demons. How do you tackle those? Could the positive thinking ethos help you combat those? In our mind’s daily battle it’s certainly worth thinking about which one you’re feeding. Sometimes it won’t always be so black and white, but for me it’s certainly helped in my motivation to try and figure out what my demons are and how to combat them.

Jo x



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