Top 5 Quick Healthy Grabs in London

I’ve been meaning to write this for a little while. There are SO MANY blogs out there which advise on all the quirky one-off healthy places in London you can get a brilliantly nourishing lunch (which is great!), HOWEVER, I have yet to see a blog about what to choose if happen to only have the main “chain” eateries on offer.

I find it really useful now I know what to look out for in the typical “station” fast-food places.

PRET –  Protein Packed Super Bowl

Pret, Pret, reliable Pret. You’ll find them EVERYWHERE across London, 2 on the same street even sometimes. The Protein Packed Super Bowl has everything I need and is actually really filling.  Taste wise it is amazing if your staples are chicken and egg already (come on now, we’re fitfam people right?). It includes; chargrilled chicken breast, avocado and free-range egg on a lentil and quinoa mix. On top there is spinach, peas, mint and a seed mix. It really truly is protein packed at 32.7g per bowl!

The Basics:  Cals: 411 / Protein: 32.7g / Carb: 26.9g / Fat: 16.9g


CRUSSH –  Smoked Salmon Royale on Spinach Wrap

Admittedly not everywhere across London but definitely worth paying a visit if you’re near one. Aside from the array of juices (watch out because some are packed with sugar – naturally), they do some incredible salads and wraps. I find their salads a little small for the price, but wrap-wise the Smoked Salmon Royale is AMAZING. It’s one of my favourite eats post-workout if I go to the gym at lunch.

The Basics: Cals: 440 / Protein: 24.6g / Carb: 43.6g / Fat: 18.7g


STARBUCKS –  Caesar Salad

I actually don’t really like the Starbucks lunch items all that much, but when you’re meeting your girls (or guys) for a Starbs catch up then the tastiest but healthiest thing they have to offer (in my opinion) is the Caesar Salad. 24g Protein and only 10g of carb (much lower than the options above) doesn’t dent the diet too much at all… meaning that you can indeed still go for the Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte with extra syrup and 5 sachets of sugar after all.

The Basics: Cals: 362 / Protein: 24g / Carb: 10g / Fat: 23g


TESCO EXPRESS –  Tesco Finest Cajun Chicken  & Peppadew Salad

Tesco express’ are actually more common in central London than you may think. I have been OBSESSED with these salads all throughout the summer and I am still not bored of them. They taste amazing, the Cajun has a real kick to it and it just looks so colourful (Instagram friendly). It’s only 260 calories – I think that is the cherry on the cake, ironically.

The Basics:  Cals: 260 / Protein: 19g / Carb: 21.6g / Fat: 1g


M&S –  Teryaki Beef & Salad Wrap

Found in most of the big train stations across London, M&S food really is a bit of a treat. I find it so so so hard to walk away from their brie and grape sandwich (especially this close to Christmas) but they do have a great range of clearly calorie labelled options. I recently had the Teryaki Beef Wrap and oh my… it was SO good. It was fairly small which meant that I didn’t hit my macros all too easily with it, but it was filling.

The Basics: The only bit of info on the website is that its 266 calories… I will seek to find out more soon!

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