LILYBOD – Leggings – £59

These are just SO. MUCH. FUN.

I am normally one for black n’ white workout wear, and don’t like to be too outrageous but I find it really hard to remain conservative when I see things like this online.

It’s like Lilybod have taken fashion advice from my 8 year old sister, and advised us to take that to the GYM – and I love it!

Their description online is: Agile, sleek and modern define the LILYBOD FRANKIE in WATERMELON SPLASH. The fit-firm silhouette combined with an irregular cracked pattern and pink bubble knee make this legging a game changer. Stand out from the crowd at your next training session or simple elevate your off duty style.

I recently purchased a different pair of Lilybod leggings and was sooooo chuffed with how flattering they were. For a girl who has a LOT more booty-gains to make, these still made me look as if I had at least a bit of perk which is such good news when a lot of other workout leggings kinda squish everything down. Girls, please say you know what I mean.

Anyway, you can buy them HERE for what I think is a really reasonably £59.

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