All things to all people

So I won’t bore you with the minute details of my meeting the other day at work, but one throwaway comment the trainer made really struck a chord with me. She was talking about the importance of clean data, and how regardless of what different things a person does they’re still only one person. She went on to say how she was a grandmother and mother and a friend, but she was still only 1 person. 
This really got me thinking. In the context of data and records, the principle is easy enough. But in reality, we play so many different roles. With everyone’s different expectations of us is it any wonder we sometimes get lost? You can try to be the best employee, the best girlfriend or the best grandma, but what about being the best version of yourself? Not so easy is it!

So what am I? I am a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister and an aunt. I am a goddaughter, a friend, a best friend, a colleague and a gym buddy. I am me. Everybody has different expectations of all the versions that I am; everyone wants something different from me – so what about me in all of this? What do I expect from myself?

Cutting through all these people’s expectations might be difficult but it’s really important to do if you’re serious about achieving your goals. Sometimes, you need to be a bit selfish, and that’s okay! Focus on you, what you need, both your mind and your body. At the end of the day, only when we are doing right by ourselves are we really capable of being there for others. 

Please let me know what you think, hopefully this has given you something to think about it – it certainly did me!

Jo x

One thought on “All things to all people

  1. Jess @PTcontender says:

    Hey Jo! This makes so much sense to me. Especially right now, being back in school, my role of student had kinda taken over other roles like friend or gym buddy! It’s definitely a balance, but a lot of times lately I have to tell people in my life that I have to study this week instead of go to dinner!


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