Third Space Tower Bridge – Review

I joined Third Space Tower Bridge on a whim. I’d been going to The Gym Group Waterloo for almost a year, and whilst it fulfilled my basic gym needs I wanted to see what else was available to me.

Granted, TS (based by London Bridge) was a huge jump up – it really is the ultimate luxury experience. Everything that used to annoy me about The Gym Group has been solved in this palace of deep lighting and uplifting music.

Entrance and Café

Even as I approach the gym in the shadow of Tower Bridge I feel my spirits rising, the postcard London city view is simply stunning. The entrance is tucked away discreetly on the Thames riverside and upon entering, you walk into a cosy welcoming café. Natural Fitness Food are based here, serving healthy meals, snacks, protein shakes and fresh juices using all natural ingredients. They helpfully include a macro breakdown for every meal, which makes for a perfect supplement to a busy lifestyle. The warm hues and lighting make it feel as though I might have entered a high-end luxury spa – not a gym. I genuinely feel a sense of calm come over me when I enter (as sad as that might sound!). Once you’re through the entrance, you are met with a floating walkway that runs above the gym floor giving you a clear view of the vast space and fellow gym goers below.



One of the main selling points of TS for me was the vast array of classes. I’ve yet to try as many as I’d like but here’s an overview of just two of the ones that I’ve tried so far!

Bars and bells – led by energetic instructor Faye, who I really admired in as much as she pushed the whole class so much harder than I ever imagined possible in a group training session. Her approach could be deemed as somewhat harsh – alternating between the upper body and lower body exercises, she gave no option to make a struggle easier with an alternative, but instead encouraged us to pause and rest until able to do it “properly” again. I left this class feeling strong and empowered by my ability to lift more than I thought I was able.

Reps and Revs – for a cardio addict like myself, this was a massive hit! A spin class like no other, and I made the rookie error of picking up 3kg dumbbells, not knowing just how much they’d be used for shoulder exercises between the cycling sprints. The instructor had ENDLESS energy at 7am, but I came out the class able to take some of that energy with me and it was THE best start to the day I’ve had in ages. The music was great, the quad burn was greater… I’ll be going back for sure.


The Pool

Possibly the most spa-like amenity in this gym is the 25meter swimming pool, spa and Juniper wood sauna. I’ve yet to actually try these out but I am so keen to have a Sunday morning cross-train in there. There are classes taken in the pool too, to improve swimming strength and technique.


The Gym Floor

The gym floor is a vast space of high ceilings and simply beautiful people just getting on with their workouts. What I love most about the gym at TS is that the dumbbells go up in 1kg increments, which is not only less daunting for a female in the weights area, but also means that I can progress onto higher weights without having to jump up too much!  It is the most comfortable I have ever felt in what is normally deemed as the “mens section” of the gym, everyone is so laidback and I certainly don’t feel out of place being there as I once did at The Gym Group.

Another fondness for the TS gym floor is not having to wait!! Honestly, since when was there CONSTANTLY a squat rack just waiting to be used? It means I can get in my zone, and move around the gym a lot easier not having to wait awkwardly for someone to finish their sets.

Perhaps because everyone is paying that extra money for the “luxury” gym experience, it feels as though everyone in there is taking their workouts that little bit more seriously – and I LIKE that. It really is a stunning gym, and I wasn’t surprised to learn that Prince Harry was rumoured to have trained at their Soho branch on occasion.

There are also plenty of staff on hand all the time who are super helpful (for blonde dumbwits like me who can leg press 120kg but can’t actually lift the seat to adjust it…!).

Changing Rooms

Chic, spacious gorgeous interiors… and GIRLS, they have EVERYTHING. Razors, hair bands, makeup remover, hair straighteners, Cow Shed Toiletries… you name it, you won’t have to bring it. The towels are soft and for some reason always feel warm too, I have yet to have to wait for a shower, lockers are electronic so no need for padlocks, there’s an ironing board, plenty of full length mirrors (something The Gym Group lacked). Seriously, can you tell I could talk for hours about the beaut that these changing rooms are? I leave feeling peaceful and pampered and 100% in a much better way than when I enter.

The Price

Okay so at £130 a month this isn’t somewhere you’re only going to visit a couple of times a month. If you’re unsure about your commitment to the gym then a budget 24hr gym is definitely more for you. However, if you are an avid gym-goer (4-6 times a week) then it is definitely a worthwhile investment. To make things more justifiable, I decided to add up how much money I was spending on alcohol, unhealthy food, clothes I don’t need and general wasted items… and decided that I am committed enough to make this a justified and rewarding experience. It is a massive stretch for me financially, but I’m not sure I could go anywhere else now, and the one flaw I have… it makes me want the rest of my life to match up to the same luxurious level!

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