How to keep to your running goals in 2017

Whether you’re new to running or you’re a real vet, it can sometimes be hard to stick to the running plans that we set.

The prospect of having a running schedule or training for a marathon seems easier when you’re clinking champagne glasses on new years eve, or sat with bloated tummies in our post-christmas-dinner glory.

It needn’t actually be that hard to stick to your running goals though, and here are a few tips I’d like to share to help you stay on track this year!

Run different routes

Running the same routes, in the same park and on the same roads is tedious, and turns running into a chore. One of the best things about running is how much it has made me explore my city (London, ily, you’re beautiful). Switch up the routine by running in the opposite direction, or perhaps have a different starting point (say, run straight from work!). When I am running distance, I like to pick a landmark that is half the distance from what I want to achieve, so that I can run there and back, creating a goal aside from the running to achieve.

Avoid injury

Nothing messes with your running plan like not being able to run…! Aim to foam roll every other day (you can get one here fairly cheap) and also make sure you stretch after every run.

Buying a decent pair of trainers that are suitable for your running gait is also super important. You can get your gait analysed by a professional here and here.

Pavement warrior

Here’s a shocker; you don’t have to run every day to meet your running goals. Cross training is so important to work different muscles than you will when running, whilst still getting your cardio in with less impact on the joints. Swimming, cycling, HIIT classes and strength training will all help make you a better runner.


Having a running buddy provides you with accountability and discipline as you’re less likely to cancel on your friends than you are on yourself 😉

Nourish your body

Using running as a fat burning tool is fantastic, but don’t forget to eat enough protein to help your body repair, and carbs to fuel the runs. Carbs are not the enemy when it comes to fat loss, in fact, your metabolism will slow down massively if you decide to cut them out. So eat clean, healthy carbs and protein to ensure that you’re giving your body the best possible chance of repair and recovery in between runs.

Here are some tips to increase your protein intake if you’re unsure 🙂

New Kit = Motivation

Whenever I invest in some new running kit (albeit new headbands or a big purchase like trainers) I always feel the need to go out and try them asap! When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you can execute your runs with even more confidence!! 

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