Who We Are

Jess RobsonJMR for DWW.png

Diet Coke Addict and Bikini Fitness wannabe.

Hello, I’m Jess. A 23 year old Office Manager, residing in London but brought up in Brighton.

I created Dream.Work.Win. in April 2016 initially as a way to document my goals and aspirations, and write down everything that is or isn’t working – with a view that perhaps maybe someone, just one person, might be able to benefit from it.

Low and behold, my love for psychology and understanding my motives took over, and as such I have started to focus a lot more on the psychology of motivation as much as I do the running and strength training.

Jo WilkinsJo.jpg

Hi, I’m Jo. I’ve always had a passion for psychology and the reasons why we do the things we do. That teamed with my recent entrance into the wonderful world of fitness meant Jess asked me to be a part of Dream.Work.Win, and I’m loving it so far! Hope you enjoy the blog and the instagram page